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I'm a passionate about laboratory automation, instrumentation and miniaturisation.

  • If you have a laboratory process that you suspect could benefit from automation I can advise on the numerous potential solutions or assist with a User Requirements Specification (URS). I can also provide insight into acceptance testing and IQ/PQ.

  • If your data handling processes need reviewing or upgrading I can provide advice.

  • If you have a design for a new instrument or system and would like it reviewing I can provide valuable input.

  • If you are a supplier that requires short term expert resource in installing and commissioning laboratory systems I can provide that.

Remote Consultancy/Support

I can setup remote sessions on your systems (provided they are networked) and review processes and trouble shoot.


I can come out to site and carry out any of the above services, trouble shooting etc.

Larger Scale Projects

As a founder member of the unique Automated Laboratory Network, I have access to a number of cooperative laboratory based experts that I can bring in on projects. Experts in ADME, Product Development, Analytical, SiRNA, Engineering, IT and Microfluidics.

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