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Roger Northwood - Director

I started as a YTS in a diabetes research lab at ICI pharmaceuticals running enzyme assays.
On completion spent 4 months in packing lines at Ciba vision following which joined Zeneca Pharmaceuticals HTS laboratory.
Gained experience in High Throughput Enzyme assays, receptor binding assays & membrane preps. Branched out into Automation specialism after the centralisation of our compound production. Since then have been an active customer rep on 3 high profile automation projects and smaller installations across the whole R&D process, have championed new technology implementations such as acoustic dispensing. I obtained valuable experience in facilities and project management in Baxter healthcare before returning to automation research at Unilever in Port Sunlight. Having gained valuable experience in sales with Autoscribe informatics I returned to automation with Amazon robotics, which included full commissioning of and first line support within an Amazon fulfilment centre. As a limited company contractor I continue to enjoy any opportunities in laboratory automation, automation LIMS and instrumentation. Feel free to contact me regarding any aspects of automation and perhaps I can help?

Liquid handling Specialist
Laboratory automation.


Project management
Risk Assessments
High Throughput screening
High Content Screening
Supplier engagement
Laboratory instrumentation
System Commissioning
System design
Acceptance testing

I am also a founding member of the Automated Laboratory Network ( This is a cooperative and collaborative network setup with a number of companies at the Alderley Park Biohub. This gives me unrivalled access to experts in ADME, HTS, Engineering, IT, SiRNA, Product Development and Analytical Services. Members of the ALN are:

Automated Technologies Ltd.

Pharmalytical Services Ltd.


System Experience
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